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School Groups

Initiation to Ice Fishing

School groups can learn the basics of proper ice fishing techniques, identify species’ different habitats, practice fishing, hone skills with seasoned anglers’ explanations and even learn to appropriately gut their catch. The Park even shows how to set a tip-up and drill holes in the ice.

Greeting and Introduction

The visit starts with a presentation on the activity and its objectives. Fishing spots are then assigned to students. Safety rules and ice fishing equipment explanations follow.

The Activity

On the frozen Rivière des Mille Îles, anglers-in-training can discover the best fishing spots and these spots’ characteristics. Marine biology, equipment use, fishing regulations and basic techniques are some of the subjects covered. An hour-long fishing session on the river is planned.


Accompanied by their guide, students review their initiation day and the notions they learned. They are then given their own tip-ups, fishing guides and fishing permits to bring home.

Aimed at children 8 to 13
Two guides per 32 students
Cost: 199$ per class
Duration: 2:30 hours


Our fishing activities are made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Fondation de la faune du Québec and its Pêche en herbe program, as well as Canadian Tire. ffq canadiantire
À La Carte Mini-Conferences

Our experienced nature interpreters can also come and meet school groups directly in their classrooms for high energy, interactive presentations! They use the Rivière des Mille Îles as the basis for explanations on ecosystems, species of plants and animals, endangered species and the cohabitation of mankind and nature.

These presentations are concluded with examples of concrete actions that all can undertake in order to benefit the quality of the environment. Domesticated animals are presented and documents on endangered species are given to each teacher for distribution to the class. Presentations are accompanied by vibrant visual aids, such as posters, leaflets and the like.

Aimed at elementary and high school classes.
One nature interpreter per 32 students
Cost: 150$ per class
Duration: 1:00

*Special rates can be negotiated for multiple mini-conferences.


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