Christine Métayer
Executive Director

Christine’s appointment as Executive Director was thanks to the incomparable quality of her work, in particular in the very responsible positions she held during close to a decade in the public health field. With her professionalism, communications skills and talent at clearly defining financial, tourism and environmental issues, she has been a great addition to the team since she took the helm in March 2021. Her vast experience will be a great asset in dealing with today’s challenges and those to come. Not only are the outdoors and environmental concerns both very close to her heart, but she also loves jigsaw puzzles. So we are pleased to say that Christine was the missing piece in the Éco-Nature puzzle!

Anaïs Boutin
Director, Protection and Conservation

An indispensable member of Éco-Nature for 12 years now, Anaïs has carried out all kinds of conservation projects for 92 at-risk species and the natural habitats along the Mille Îles River. She has done a wonderful job of arranging partnerships with the federal and provincial governments, educational institutions and local organizations. And that’s not all! Anaïs has also handled some projects to restore degraded habitats unlike any others in Canada, and supported conservation stewardship initiatives with private property owners. She holds a BSc in Biology from UQAR and an MSc in Biology from the UdeM for her work on ecology, conservation and genetic identification of stream salamanders. Needless to say, she is fascinated by reptiles and amphibians. In fact she has gained a reputation in our Éco-Nature family for her original way of greeting new team members with little animal totems! For many years now, Anaïs has served as Director, Protection and Conservation, and as such has overseen plans to expand the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles wildlife reserve, which will soon grow from 26 hectares to over 500.

Catherine Angehrn
Director, Communications & Marketing

Catherine, our communications pro, just wants to devote all her energy to what she considers an honourable mission. Only her dog, Elvis, can distract her from her enthusiastic commitment to the environment and communications. Catherine spent over 10 years at a marketing agency, and a few years as a digital marketing freelancer. In 2019 she became our Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator and, in November 2020, took on the role of Manager, Communications and Visitor Experience. It’s a bit surprising that such a veteran Web and social media expert hasn’t yet created an Instagram account for her dog! It’s probably because she’s been devoting her skills to entering us in the competitions for various awards, often with great success. She has put her fascination with the Web and her know-how to use creating our new website, which has attracted a record number of visits since it went online. In addition to the multitude of projects she is running, Catherine is currently taking courses in organizational leadership to improve her expertise in that field

Francis Martineau
Director, Land Use Development

Francis, with his training in wildlife conservation and his interest in conserving, protecting and promoting the Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, is the dean of our group. Following an internship with Éco-Nature, he joined our team in 2000 and has been with us ever since. Fortunately for us! He’s the guy with all the solutions, complemented by exceptional commitment. Over the years he has served in all the different positions relating to land use development and customer service. Appointed Head of Land Use Development in spring 2018, he moved up to manage his department in November 2020. Over his 20 years here he has gained an in-depth knowledge of the Sainte-Rose archipelago and other sections along the 42 km of the Mille Îles River. Drawing on his vast experience, he understands better than anyone the management of operations in a nature park, from different safety aspects to the development of seasonal outdoor activities and the introduction and maintenance of the infrastructures to support our attractions.